For the safety of travelers, this trip is requiring travelers to be fully vaccinated. In addition, some sites on tour may require travelers to show proof of vaccination as well as a photo ID.

In order to participant in this tour, travelers must complete and sign the acknowledgement form and upload proof of full vaccination.




I have read and understand that my trip and/or sites are requiring travelers to be fully vaccinated. By digitally signing this online form and uploading proof of vaccination, I am acknowledging to School Tours of America that I certify that I and/or my student traveler is vaccinated and is responsible for showing proof of vaccination and photo ID while on tour if requested by the tour sites.

Upload a photo or scanned copy of the participants vaccination record card. If currently partially vaccinated, you may upload now, but note the intended 2nd dose date below. Travelers must be fully vaccinated to participate in this tour.

Upload File (Image must not exceed 3500 pixel width. Crop or scale your image down if having trouble uploading.)

Note: All destinations and suppliers have their own rules related to COVID-19. While we try to assist you in understanding these requirements, you are responsible for understanding these requirements and must not rely on any representations made by STA. Should you be denied entry to any destination, activity, venue, etc., for not abiding by the local vaccination mandate, STA shall not be responsible for any such denial, or any cost associated therewith.

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms above.  To preserve the privacy of our travelers, School Tours of America will securely dispose of vaccine records as soon as the tour is completed.

Have a question or trouble uploading your image or file? Send an email to