At School Tours of America, safety is always a top priority. We have provided safe touring guidelines for our groups, drivers, guides and escorts to reduce the chances for COVID exposure. We have implemented our STA TourPOD system which organizes subsets of the group into smaller groups or PODS. Every traveler will be required to sign a waiver and they are strongly encouraged to be tested prior to traveling.

Our TripCARE system is a strategic set of initiatives that build on our standard operating procedures. TripCARE will communicate staff expectations for our entire team of “ON TOUR PROFESSIONALS” and created to enhance the safety of everyone on our trip. Please review, acknowledge, and follow the protocols for our TripCARE system.

We are requiring everyone on our team to take a COVID test prior to touring and we are recommending this for all participants as well. As always, we continue to offer support 24/7 should you need anything.

Please review the Tour policies, protocols and procedures below or download a copy for your records here.





  1. You are required to have a negative COVID test result within 3 days of the groups arrival date OR a COVID vaccination
  2. Wear a face covering at all times unless eating/drinking
  3. Be prepared to use disinfecting wipes to clean commonly touched surfaces
  4. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly
  5. Our STA POD system stands for “Practice Organized Distancing” – please watch your social spacing/distancing as you work with the groups
  6. Organize, communicate instructions and oversee bus loading/unloading – each traveler will have an assigned seat on the bus in their POD. We recommend loading PODS back to front and unloading PODS front to back
  7. Follow vendor protocols at restaurants, hotels and sites and encourage PODS to sit/tour together
  8. Check your temperature each morning



School Tours of America trusts that the measures laid out will mitigate any risks and impacts involved in participating in the tour, and we fully count on your support to comply with them. However, despite all care taken, risks and impacts may not be fully eliminated, and therefore you agree to travel at your own risk.

I understand that while STA has undertaken reasonable steps to attempt to lessen the risk of COVID-19 transmission during travel, STA is not responsible for risks related to COVID-19 in relation to student travel. I understand the risks associated with participating in a tour at this time. I am willing to tour despite the risks. I acknowledge that I have not been in contact with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 and have not experienced any common symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat within 14 days of the trip. In consideration of agreeing to participate in the trip, I agree to assume all risks of illness, injury or death, including all risks associated with COVID- 19, and agree not to sue and to release from liability and hold harmless STA, its owners, agents, contracted tour operators and employees, and other persons or entities involved with this trip (the Releasees), from all actions, claims or demands for injury, loss or damage, regardless of the cause, resulting from my participation in the trip, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Entering your name and information below will constitute your electronic signature.

I have been vaccinated for COVID*

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms above. 




Please review the entire TourPOD system and protocols for the groups so you can help with traveler compliance

A “WELLNESS CHAPERONE” trip is provided by STA for 2021 trips. This wellness chaperone, chosen by the Group Leader, will facilitate any necessary COVID protocols selected by the school or Group Leader including, but not limited to, temperature checks, mask distribution & hand sanitizing, social distancing guidelines, and testing and quarantine for PODS

All travelers should wear a face covering at all times unless eating/drinking

All travelers will stay in their POD and practice social distancing/spacing

A POD stays together for the entire trip including travel on the airplane, motorcoach, sightseeing, meals, hotel & any trip activity

The POD system lessens the potential for COVID exposure. Should there be a positive test result on the trip and a quarantine issue, the POD will follow the procedure for that group

We highly encourage each participant to have a negative COVID test result before departure




  • Travelers should limit activities involving large social gatherings, attending mass gatherings, and being in crowds during the 14 days before departure date
  • People who are sick, have recently tested positive for the virus (whether symptomatic or not), or have been exposed (as defined by the CDC) to a person with COVID-19 should not travel
  • Avoid contact with anyone who is sick and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Alert your group leader if you have any symptoms of COVID within 14 days of departure date
  • All participants should follow “return from travel” state guidelines after their trip, including any testing, quarantine procedures



  • Group will stay with POD during security screening, boarding, and flight
  • Chaperones may need to adjust seating on plane for POD spacing
  • Leave the first row on the motorcoach empty for driver distancing
  • Alert your group leader if you have any symptoms of COVID within 14 days of departure date
  • Each traveler will have a designated seat on the motorcoach, PODs will be seated together, and will follow loading/unloading instructions
  • Enhanced safety measures, including high-efficiency air filtration and frequent disinfecting, have been implemented for all forms of transportation.


  • POD rooms will be grouped together on the same floor
  • STA staff will facilitate check-in POD procedure and check-out POD procedure
  • All STA hotels follow enhanced cleaning procedures (Hilton, Marriott)
  • Nighttime security companies follow their specific COVID testing protocols and procedures


  • All PODS will follow restaurant guidelines for seating/capacity management
  • Most restaurants will serve boxed or plated meals. We anticipate no self-serve buffet meals.
  • Participants should not share food/beverages at any time
  • Masks are worn unless eating/drinking; tables are dismissed to board bus by POD


  • POD will stay together while touring sites/venues
  • Travelers may not switch to a new POD
  • Each POD will follow procedures for boarding/unboarding motorcoach at each stop


  • POD will stay together pre/post performance
  • Maintain social distancing during performance
  • Masks are to be worn during instrumental (If possible)/vocal performance


  • If a participant exhibits COVID symptoms while on tour, STA will help facilitate testing and safely isolate the participant and the entire POD from the group while awaiting the results
  • If the test is positive, we will arrange a quarantine protocol with the entire POD
  • STA will assist with the necessary resources for the participant to recover and receive the appropriate care; and a parent to join the traveler as quickly as possible
  • STA will arrange a revised itinerary for the participant to return home safely
  • STA'S TOUR CENTRAL Office will coordinate with the Group Leader and school to oversee and manage all testing/quarantine protocols