Do you want your students to benefit beyond the travel experience?

School Tours of America provides educational programs for middle school and high school students that align with their travel destinations. Students may participate in the programs before, during and after the travel experience depending on the program. 

Presidential Leadership Program

The Presidential Leadership Program gives students the opportunity to increase their leadership skills as well as enhance their college applications. The Program is available for traveling students in grades 6-12.

ID 189 Educational Travel

This course credit opportunity provides students with a learning experience that cannot be easily duplicated in the traditional classroom.  Undergraduate credit is available for traveling students 16 or older. 

The Benefits:

  • Students earn certificates of completion and/or university credit* upon successful completion.

  • This gives students a first-hand opportunity to explore the specific qualities, character and leadership styles of many revered American leaders and build upon their own leadership skills.

  • These important documents can be used to support scholarship and job applications or other awards requiring evidence of participation.

  • Students may also gain experience with online learning environments as they complete their program work.

    *University credit is available for students 16 and older.

Have questions about the Presidential Leadership program?

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For more information or to enroll a student, contact Director of Education Dr. Georgia Grantham at .