Frequently Asked Questions

Presidential Leadership Program

Who is eligible to participate in the Presidential Leadership Program?
  • Students traveling with School Tours of America (STA) are eligible to participate in the Presidential Leadership Program in partnership with Adams State University (ASU).

What is the purpose of the Presidential Leadership Program?
  • This program gives students a first-hand opportunity to more deeply explore the specific qualities, character and leadership styles of many revered American leaders.

  • Students will travel, explore, and build their own leadership skills while meeting  6th-12th grade state standards as well as the academic guidelines for an accredited University.

  • The program is unique, educational, and fun. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be presented a Certificate of Meritorious Completion by ASU and STA.  

How does the Presidential Leadership Program work?
  • The Presidential Leadership Program is an open enrollment program that is self-paced. Students must be in grades 6-12 to participate.

  • Students must have an email address and access to a computer and word processing software such as Microsoft Word to complete the activities.

  • Students will complete pre- and post-tour activities as well as discussions with their peers and instructor.

  • The program must be completed 30 days after the STA travel event in order to earn the certificate. Estimated completion time is 15 hours excluding travel time on the tour. The program is flexible, easy to manage, and educational.

  • While visiting historic sites, students will hear about famous leaders, participate in discussions related to the locations, and consider their own potential leadership roles in their family, school and community. 

  • Leadership activities include topics such as: Great Leaders, Interview a Leader, Leaders in the News, Campaign Trail, My Biography,, and Leadership Planning.  An Activities Guides is provided for students to select topics of their choice.    

  • Click here to view the Course Syllabus

What does a student receive for completing the course?
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a Certificate of Meritorious completion by Adams State University and School Tours of America.

  • The certificate validates the student’s participation in the Presidential Leadership Program and will serve as a valuable credential for the student’s college admission’s portfolio, scholarships, or resume. 

  • The student will also gain valuable experience successfully completing an online program equivalent to a university online course. 

Is it possible to receive high school credit for the Presidential Leadership Program?
  • This decision is up to your high school or district. 
  • While ASU is an accredited institution of higher learning and can only issue undergraduate and graduate level credit, it has prepared a letter validating the STA travel experience as meeting the academic standards for college work. This proposal should help the teacher in the approval process.
  • The final decision regarding high school credit will always be up to the particular administrative body of the individual school or district, but ASU will provide your teacher the academic tools required in its undergraduate course and assist your teacher in the approval process.
Is University credit available for high school students?
  • Students who are 16 or older may earn Adams State University credit by participating in the ID 189 Educational Travel course.

  • Students may earn one semester hour of undergraduate university credit after completing the course.  Review the course syllabus and study guide for more information.

  • After successful completion of the course, students will receive the Presidential Leadership Program Certificate at no cost.  They can then link to Adams State University to register for university credit.  The cost to the student will be $55 for 1 SCH of university credit. After registering, they will automatically receive a complimentary transcript from ASU in the mail.    

Where can I learn more about Adams State University?
  • Adams State University is credentialed by the nation’s most credible and respected, educational governing body--the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools at North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois, 60602-2504.

  • More than 26,000 individuals enroll in ASU's PD courses each year for college credit.  ASU is one of the nation's largest providers of professional development opportunities that are relevant, timely, cost effective, and accessible.  Again, ASU’s accreditation status can be verified at the Department of Education website.  

  • Individual ASU programs are accredited through the National Association of Schools of Music, Teacher Education Accrediting Council (TEAC) and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP). Adams State University is an institutional member of the American Council on Education, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, the National Association of Schools of Music, and the American Association of University Women.

Who do I contact if I am interested in enrolling a student?


Dr. Georgia Grantham
Director of Education