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Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Twitter

by Lacy Saye

Part 4 Twitter

To tweet, or not to tweet; there is no question! Some may argue that Twitter is dead, but the numbers don’t lie. With 330 million active users, this online news & social networking site is a social media platform not to be missed. Read on for Twitter-specific trip promotion tips!

Here are 5 reasons why you should join the “twitterverse”:

1. Twitter affords you time

Let’s be real, if you are a teacher leading a class trip to the historic East Coast, you don’t have much time to spare. With a 280 character limit, Twitter affords you a simple way to communicate news and messages to students and parents inherently saving your precious free time!

2. Discovery for your Washington, DC or New York City trip

Students or parents can join the conversation by following you and your custom hashtag before, during and after the trip. Invite past students to tweet @ you to share experiences from a previous tour. The more conversations posted, the greater the promotion for your upcoming trip.

Did you know: We have a social media photo contest! Use our hashtag #MyTourView to enter photos from your trip and win cool prizes!

3. Connect with students

Twitter provides a fun environment for you to connect with students through trivia & Twitter polls. Just as discussed in our previous blog Use Instagram Like a Pro to Promote Your Trip, student engagement is typically higher when visual aids are used and even more so if it’s fun!

4. Tweet Chats

Tweet Chats are live conversations that users can follow & participate in through a unique hashtag. Think of it as an added resource for you to connect with students or parents to answer questions about the upcoming trip, or possibly even a new place for an online parent meeting!

5. "Tour Moments"

Twitter allows users to stitch together multiple tweets, creating “Twitter Moments.” After the trip, use this feature to make “Tour Moments” out of tweets from your trip from you & your students. Not only are you bringing awareness, but you’re creating & preserving nice memories.

Fun Fact: All of the above points and tips, and even this fun fact are EXACTLY at Twitter’s limit of 280 characters! Don’t get so carried away promoting that you forget to have fun while you perfect the art of tweeting and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SToursofAmerica ; )

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