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10 Great DC Add-Ons Worth the Cost of Admission

by Lance Harvey

Washington DC offers endless possibilities for tour groups that are both fun and educational. While you can fill your itinerary with free sites such as the Smithsonian museums and famous memorials and landmarks, the following list of sites may be worth the cost of admission as well. Prices vary as you should consult your sales person or coordinator for exact pricing.

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1. Newseum ($) – This incredible museum is not only a history of the news, but also a history of the world. This has become a favorite of many Tour Directors.

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2. Madame Tusaads ($$) – More than a wax museum, is an actual lesson in American history and culture and contains an exact replica of the Oval Office.

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3. IMAX theatre ($) - This popular film offers students an enhanced opportunity to experience the marvels of space travel and exploration.

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4. Spy Museum ($$) - This fun and interactive museum gives students a hands-on lesson in the history of spy and espionage activities.

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5. Alexandria Ghost Tour ($) - This haunting tour strolls the streets of Old Town Alexandria recounting the mysteries of the past and present.

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6. Crime and Punishment Museum ($$) - This interactive museum is dedicated to our nation’s most infamous crimes, past and present, and the incredible feats our law enforcement agencies go to solving them.

files/images/blog-images/10 DC addons/7-cruse-mt-vernon.jpg

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7. Day Cruise to Mt Vernon ($$$$) - This a great option to explore the waters of the Potomac and offers a leisurely lunch en route to Mt Vernon.

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8. Shakespearean dinner ($$$$$) - Students experience the classic works they have studied in school in an intimate theatre setting.

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9. Kennedy Center or Ford’s Theatre Play ($$$$) - These historic playhouses offer world class theatre in an unforgettable setting.

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10. Nationals or Orioles game ($$$) - Catch a ballgame at two of the country’s most modern ballparks while students can enjoy some fun downtime as well.

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