Announcing 2019 Winners

#MyTourView Photo Contest

by Melissa Clifton

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, and starting today, it may be worth some really cool prizes too! This week kicks off the 5th annual School Tours of America #MyTourView Photo Contest.

We want to see the most memorable moments from your tour. The ideas of what you can share are limitless: your roommates posing for the perfect selfie in front of a memorial, your tour guide pointing out a famous landmark, or a stunning sunset over the Washington, DC or the New York City skyline. The choice is yours! The more creative the better! Bonus points will be awarded if you include the STA logo or gear (shirt, backpack, etc.) in your pictures.


One First Place and one Runner Up will be awarded for Best Picture/Video from a student or teacher.

  • First Place receives a GoPro HERO 7 in White.
  • Runner-Up receives a $100 Amazon gift card.

How to enter:


Tag School Tours of America when you post tour-related photos that you wish to enter into the contest:


Utilize the hashtag #MyTourView

How to win:

Visit our previous blog article for tips to help you take your BEST travel photos with a camera phone. Entries are unlimited, so the more you post, the better chance you have to win. Helpful hint, pictures with people in them generally win favor with the judges as you can tell by the previous winners. Bonus points will be awarded for the creative inclusion of the STA logo in your photo.


Photos must be original and taken by students or STA Group Leaders while on tour between August 1, 2018 – June 31, 2019. Extra points will be awarded for involving the School Tours of America logo and other STA gear.

By submitting photos, you are allowing the future unconditional use of the picture(s) by School Tours of America.

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MyTour Fund is a free fundraising website available to all STA traveling educators and students.

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