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As one of the most historically significant cities in the United States, our nation’s capital is an endless source of educational opportunities. Students gain insight into our democracy while watching the three branches of government in action on a class trip to Washington, DC. From America’s highest institutions of government, to its most treasured monuments, memorials and museums, this tour has something for everyone.

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A class tour of New York City provides the ultimate learning experience. Students gain appreciation for the arts while experiencing world-renowned museums and restaurants, iconic architecture and dynamic performances. This vibrant city offers a worldly perspective, allowing students to see beyond their hometown, immersing them in socially engaging activities and converging cultures, soaring skyscrapers and bustling streets. Taking students to New York City truly opens a new world of possibility.

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Students truly experience the power of Authentic Learning when they step back in time on a class trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown or Yorktown. Your class will wander through the “largest living-history museum”, witnessing the lifestyle of early settlers. This tour furthers their classroom learning with interactive history programs, militia drills, glass blowing, and multicultural storytelling all while exploring the roots of our democracy.

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Students will explore the formation of our independence at the original capital of the United States on a class trip to Philadelphia. The “City of Brotherly Love” was both the social and geographical center of the original thirteen colonies. Students will gain the ultimate constitutional education at the National Constitution Center before visiting the Liberty Bell, the home of Betsy Ross and other iconic landmarks.

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Founded in 1630, Boston is one of America’s oldest and most historically significant cities. Students on a class trip to Boston can board the Mayflower, walk the redbrick Freedom Trail, stroll the same narrow streets where Paul Revere walked, and experience the mayhem of the Boston Tea Party. Optionally, your tour may also include visits to some of the world’s most respected institutions of higher learning.

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