The role of the chaperone is to aid the Group Leader throughout the entirety of the trip. As a Chaperone you are responsible for helping supervise students:

Assist and help with ensuring the health and safety of students.

Always remember that you are a role model for students, setting an example for behavior and promptness.

At the airport, chaperones should help to supervise the tour participants throughout the airport, helping students with checking in and getting through security.

If a child becomes ill, it is the responsibility of an adult chaperone to stay in the hotel with the student.

Chaperones must supervise students while touring sites, attractions and museums as well as in all areas of the hotel, i.e., the pool, the lobby, and the group’s assigned floor.

Assist with room checks each night at curfew time to ensure all students are in their rooms.

Chaperones should also check the bus at the end of each day to ensure that students are doing their best to keep the bus clean.

Group Leaders and chaperones should perform a final room check for damages or personal items left behind.



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