TripSHARE allows you to refer a qualified group to School Tours and enjoy a fun referral incentive.

This is an exclusive program for local, on-the-ground tour partners who share the many benefits of traveling with School Tours.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Share with a qualified group leader.

Step 2

Share with STA!

Step 3

Share with Amazon, because you're rolling in cash!






For qualified referrals, we will give you $100!*  That's just for the referral, there's more, so keep scrolling!


If your referred school group travels with us, you earn an additional BONUS based on the amount of paid participants:

Less than 35 paid participants = $250

Full group of 35-55 paid participants = $500

70 or more paid participants = $1000

TripSHARE Program Submission Form

Thank you for participating in the TripSHARE program and referring a group leader to travel with School Tours of America. We truly appreciate your efforts to share the benefits of traveling with us.

For qualification details, and the "fine print", click here.

I am:
I am a:*
I am Referring:
Have They Traveled with Students?*
Best Time?*
Review & Submit
I have reviewed the Fine Print and qualification details below.*
I have discussed School Tours of America with the above-named Group Leader who understands that he/she will be called to discuss an informative sales presentation.*
To the best of my knowledge, the above-named Group Leader currently travels with students, or is allowed to travel with students.*

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I am referring the above Group Leader to travel with School Tours of America, and have made the referred Group Leader aware that a representative from School Tours of America will be calling to discuss planning a trip. 

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*The TripSHARE fine print:

  • To qualify, you must be a local, on-the-ground tour partner of School Tours of America.
  • The TripSHARE Referral Program only applies to full-paying participants, and is available for the referred group's first travel year only.
  • Bonus Referral dollars will be redeemed following the tour's completion and reconciliation.

What makes a qualified TripSHARE referral?

  • You must first obtain consent from the referred traveling group leader that School Tours of America may be contacting them.
  • Referred Group Leader must be at a school that either currently travels or is permitted to travel. You should have no reason to believe the referred Group Leader will not be able to book a trip. Other terms include: 
    1. A school or group that has not traveled with School Tours of America in the last four (4) years.
    2. The person you refer must not have traveled previously with STA as a program leader, chaperone, or assistant; and they cannot be currently planning a trip with us.
    3. To be eligible for this reward, they must enroll a group of at least ten full-paying participants, and they must travel within three years of the date they were referred.
    4. Only one referral bonus is payable per tour that travels with us.
    5. School Tours of America reserves the right at its sole discretion to accept or reject a referral as an eligible referral.
    6. In the event multiple participants turn in the same referral, School Tours of America reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the origin of the referral and may assign a pro-rated reward to the participants.
    7. Our tour season is from August 1st - July 31st. Bonus rewards are issued once a year in the Fall.

How does the TripSHARE Referral Program work?

  • Tell a touring group leader about your experience working with School Tours of America. If they would like more information, let them know that you will have a School Tours Representative contact them.
  • Complete the TripSHARE referral form and submit. Once School Tours of America has qualified your referral, you will:
    • Receive $100 for TripSHARE Program referrals submitted, submit as many as you like, maximum payout will be $500 within a calendar year;
    • An additional reward bonus after groups travel, based on the total amount of paid participants (pp) - less than 35pp, reward of $250; between 35-55pp, reward of $500; multi-bus move of 70pp, reward of $1,000. *Rewards apply for the referred group's first year of travel only.




"Every detail was taken care of by School Tours of America from the moment we contacted them for a quote, till the moment we returned from our trip. A rare treat for an overworked director."

Aaron M., Director of Orchestral Studies